Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is either a grand adventure or nothing ~Helen Keller

I'm sure many of you rolled your eyes at the first sight of this blog. "What's Schwartz up to now?" might be a question flashing in the forefront of your mind. Well, I'll tell you what I'm NOT accomplishing with this blog...
  • to express my views on children and people in general
  • to divulge my "feelings"
  • to mock any nouns (person, places, or things for those of you who failed 1st grade)
Now that I have your attention, you are probably wondering, "Well, what will Rachel actually blog about then? That's basically all of her material." I'm glad you asked.

I want to live my life as an adventure. I want to escape the "bubbles" we all create for ourselves. I want to experience as many places, foods, peoples, lifestyles, activities, etc. as possible. Life is too short to always be wanting more.

This will be my travel blog of sorts. I'll be able to document all of the places I've visited for my own nostalgia and to help other life-seekers towards their own adventures. I'm no guru of travel, but I do consider myself a guru of good times.

If there are any places you've been, I'd love to post 'em! Sometimes the hardest part about traveling is knowing what to do, the sickest joints to visit, the top eateries to digest, etc. Hopefully this blog will help guide you along and make the adventuring more possible. So, get out and get going!

Peace and Blessings