Friday, March 20, 2015

2013 In Photos

July 17, 2013- I returned home from serving a full-time mission in the ARIZONA MESA Mission, Special Assignment Visitors' Center, Language: Spanish
This is Julie Belnap, my best friend. We returned home within a month of one another and had a combined "Welcome Home" party. It was Mexican and Chinese themed, decorations, food and all.

2 weeks after returning home, I found myself back in Mesa to see Glenda and Miguel Lopez get sealed in the Mesa LDS Temple for time and all eternity. Fue una de las experiencias más lindas e especiales de mi vida.
A la derecha son el Hermano Jose y la Hermana Patty Hernandez. Esta familia cambió mi vida. A la derecha de mi es mi entrenadora, la Hermana Ale Falcón. Ella será la próixma esposa del futuro profeta, estoy segura. La Hermana Rosie y sus niños a la izquierda.

BYU's Annual Murder Mystery Improv Show. I was Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan from Twilight against my own will. DO NOT EVER WATCH TWILIGHT.

None of these ended up being real lovers. 

We won the Ugly Sweater Contest. 2 of the 5 sweaters are mine.
Far right: Julia Reintjes. Has slept in the same room with me since Freshman year. Token Male: Brandon Hoer. Fiancé of Julia. Honorary 5th roommate. Far left: Amy Clark. Has identified plants and lived with us since Freshman year. Standing: Julie Belnap. Still single.

James Belyeu's baptism!!! Christmas Miracle. 
The core four. Far right: Ryan Greenburg. Middle: James Belyeu. Left: J Mack (Jenn Mack. Jennifer Mack). These are my truest, dearest friends from A-retta. Too many years to count.

Para los descendentes

Por mis futuros,

I began this blog in June 2011, at the tender age of 20.5. How funny it is for me to look back on the young woman I was and to see the woman I am now today, almost four years later. What a blessing it is to reflect on the good lives we have lived and are living.

Que chistoso al ver como soy la misma mujer, pero, mas refinada y pulida. I still have a sharp tongue, which some days I wish was duller. I still have a tender soul, which I wish was purer. But, over the course of these four years, I truly feel that I have become a better version of the 20.5 year old self I once was.

Y esto, mis amores, es el propósito de nuestras vidas. Un progreso infinito con nuestro Padre Celestial.

Empecé este blog al principio para hablar de mis aventuras. Pero ahora quiero tener una cuenta para ustedes, mis descendentes. Para que me conozcan. Para que compartamos un vínculo que nos une por el tiempo. Para que aprendamos de donde vinimos, quienes somos, y a donde vamos- juntos.

Peace and Blessings