Friday, March 20, 2015

2013 In Photos

July 17, 2013- I returned home from serving a full-time mission in the ARIZONA MESA Mission, Special Assignment Visitors' Center, Language: Spanish
This is Julie Belnap, my best friend. We returned home within a month of one another and had a combined "Welcome Home" party. It was Mexican and Chinese themed, decorations, food and all.

2 weeks after returning home, I found myself back in Mesa to see Glenda and Miguel Lopez get sealed in the Mesa LDS Temple for time and all eternity. Fue una de las experiencias más lindas e especiales de mi vida.
A la derecha son el Hermano Jose y la Hermana Patty Hernandez. Esta familia cambió mi vida. A la derecha de mi es mi entrenadora, la Hermana Ale Falcón. Ella será la próixma esposa del futuro profeta, estoy segura. La Hermana Rosie y sus niños a la izquierda.

BYU's Annual Murder Mystery Improv Show. I was Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan from Twilight against my own will. DO NOT EVER WATCH TWILIGHT.

None of these ended up being real lovers. 

We won the Ugly Sweater Contest. 2 of the 5 sweaters are mine.
Far right: Julia Reintjes. Has slept in the same room with me since Freshman year. Token Male: Brandon Hoer. Fiancé of Julia. Honorary 5th roommate. Far left: Amy Clark. Has identified plants and lived with us since Freshman year. Standing: Julie Belnap. Still single.

James Belyeu's baptism!!! Christmas Miracle. 
The core four. Far right: Ryan Greenburg. Middle: James Belyeu. Left: J Mack (Jenn Mack. Jennifer Mack). These are my truest, dearest friends from A-retta. Too many years to count.

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