Thursday, May 24, 2012


I asked Hna Moran to put repollo on the carne asado tacos and she was like what? because i thought cabbage was rebollo en espanol, but it's not, so then i asked her what cabbage was and she said "rechicken" and everyone had a good laugh at my gringo expense. typical;)


Business first: Elder and Sis Beckstrand the VC director and his wife have a blog and apparently all the sisters are on it, I know you don't know how to do anything blog related, so ask berto to help you sign onto your blog account because you made one with me. Theirs is Speaking of my broho, did he die again? He needs to email me once a week. Point blank. I know he's on his computer, it's not that big of a deal, get to it berto! Berto: um, so we were talking with this family the other day and this lady makes these hardcore cakes and she buys the fondant from Duff (Ace of Cakes) in Walmart and it's true becasue in walmart last week I saw it and it was sweet action! Slash, I don't know how this would work, but if you could send me Guitars Unplugged: Little Microphones song that would be swell ("where is the lighthouse, how can I find my way back home..").

freak this week was just dramatic. I'll start with the sweet souls we're teaching. Joel, remember how i taught him the law of chastity? well hermana falcon and I met with him again and followed up and it turned into a super intense lesson which i had no clue what was going on because Joel started goin all craycray and I wasn't able to follow him. But from what Hno Hernandez and Hna Falcon said afterwards, boyfriend is gettin it on with his girlfriend(now we know where he goes all the time and why he is obsessed witht he gym) and he doesn't want to stop. Dumbdumb! ahsdgjkhdfgjk, he should already understand why not sexing it up before marriage is not kosher because he already has daughters who he never gets to see! So he did not end up getting baptized this week, because before baptism they need to be living and keeping all the commandments, so we are going to really have to help him out with this one. Love that confused hunk of lard. Onto #2, Ale, Blanca's 17-year old. She hasn't been going to church (but she came this sunday!) and Blanca just blurted out "Ale doesn't want to get baptized" wa-wa-waaaa. Literally my heart dropped, because out of anyone in that family, Ale needs this gospel. Man my poor heart was just hurting and Hna Falcon was talking and I don't even know what she was saying but then she turned to me and everyone looked at me to pick up and say something and I just sat there in silence because I was hurting for Ale, seriously, ugh I just was so pissed at Satan you have no clue. And after a few moments of possibly awkward silence I opened my mouth and BAM. I just laid it on the table. I don't even remember what I said, but it was my personal story, my personal testimony and i felt like I was on fire. It was draining and as I was talking I was just fighting for Ale, because I love her and I know that this gospel will bless her life and allow her to grow in a good path. Man I was fighting for that girl. #3- Familia Baez, IJOLE!!!! Okay, so here's the downlow, we were at The Garcia's baptism of their son Eli (oh nbd that the ENTIRE rama showed up, but then Hna Garcia is def one to hold a grudge so i can understand) and afterwards we needed a member to come to the lesson we had planned for the Baez famfam, and we asked Pres. Azua who would be good, and he choose Hna Moises Hernandez (diff fam hernandez) who we actually never see because he freakin works ALL the time. But he was free and came with us and I don't even totally remember how we got into it, but we were with the family and Hna Falcon asked the question along the lines of what they wanted to improve as a family and OH HOT SLAM immediate family therapy session developed. Apparently there are major communication problems in the family and the older kids are rebellious and not respecting Ines and Kim and on and on and on, and Hno Hndz was PERFECT because it was basically his exact fam situation and he was awesome. Just awesome. Because in Mexican families they don't ever tell each other they love one another out loud, and it's super hard for these kids because they live in 2 diff worlds, they see their American family counterparts and then they look at their family and I can see where they would feel the diversion. But it was intense because Jonathan and Kitzia (the two older kids) started crying and dang. So, we're going to make an extra effort to see them everyday this week, because lawdy knows they need it.

Alright, enough with the drama. I WAS ON BIKE FOR A DAY!!! and it was so awesome to be back riding=]. I haven't ridden since what, Sept? Oct? and i've never ridden in a skirt before, which was interesting, but let me explain why I was on a bike. We had exhcanges which means that Hna Falcon went to help a different missionary companionship in their area for a day and I went to learn from Hnas Lopez and Juarez. They're craycray. Straight up. But it was tight and it was way fun and I got to wear Hna Falcon's spandex which made my day=]. Oh the little joys of life, right? BUT THE BEST PART OF THIS WEEK WAS SATBADO! wow. Saturday. anyhoo, oh and Pres and Sis Ernst came and visited with me! Pres Ernst has lost weight and he looks more like Cameron, loco, but so awesome to see them! I apologize for the word vomit i had when talking with them, i was bad! Anyhoo, Friday night I made tamales for the first time, no pics of that well because we were on a tight sschedule (oh and we so found an awesome family after we did our service for the branch, more to come next week with them Fam Vega) but it was way fun! And everyone kept saying by the end of my mission I'll be pro at cooking mex food. Lies. because I never do one thing all the way through, only parts so they need to hook me up with recipes or jazz. But Saturday we had a fundraiser for the Young Men and Women's programs to raise money for their summer camps and oooooooooo, it was tight! TIGHT! Because I was reliving my old Steak n Shake days, being in the food line, calling out orders, preppin food, on a tight time schedule so BOMB! ugh i was diggin it, and everyone was like dude give Hna Shwars the orders and it was just like working at steak n shake! only with mexican food and not burgers. Man I was on an energy high! And everyone was so impressed because they probably didn't think a gringa could work hard or whatevs, I don't know what I'm saying but I felt like i was at Steak n Shake and it was great=]. Oh and Dad, grilling tip, they buy pure fat and grill that on their grills first before they start grilling the carne and that's what i think makes it so freakin delish.

Alright, I've rambled far enough for today, my apologies. But I'll call you on Mother's Day, so be prepped.

Hna Schwartz

Pics: I don't know what order they're in, but they're from Saturday's fundraiser. One of them is a cup of horchata that Hno Garcia gave me and yeah, that describes how everyone says my name. They can't. I think I just need to start going by Hna Shorts or something so they can at least call me by some name.

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