Thursday, May 24, 2012

Would you say that in front of Jesus?

HAHAHAHAHA oh I love Hermana Falcon, this is the question she asked me after I said "That's so lame!" we were on this english chat from and we lost the connection (awesome hindu guy! super lame we lost the connection) and she said "I know lame with Jesus Christ, he healed the lame, but what is the lame you used?" and I explained it meant not cool and then she asked me "would you say that in front of jesus?" but her face was completely sincere and innocent wanting to know, and I started dying because knowing me i probably would, whether that's appropriate or not, not so sure, but yeah...and then she read the english dictionary to me and proved that i don't know the english language either. dum dum dum


Well, awkward. Just talked to you. Cool beans. But Dad you're letter slayed me, holy mackerel! Cool that you're trying to get yourself killed before I get home, there are cooler ways to die rather than in berto's hood beemer. No but literally, sounds like life is keeping you on your toes, and giving you car experience. Uh as for where you would find Guitars Unplugged music=my itunes, Brett's itunes(possibly), Ryan Greenburg, Cici Nye, sooo good luck with that. And FLT ma? Faith, Love, and testimony? who are you? a Real housewife of ATL or something? are you going to make a gaudy jewelry line with that? Oh and cool that no one told me that Jordan Greenburg is officially in the MTC, if anyone wants to tell me where that doll face is going that would be swell. Also, join the Facebook group for the Arizona Temple! 

BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME ON MY MISSION (mentiras, but still pretty legit): called a new investigator, Carlos, on the phone the other day to invite him to church, we talk for a couple mins and then he got confused and I was like what? and he was like, "wait, is this the american? or is this the mexican from deleffe?" and i was super confused and I was like "the american?" and he was like "oh! i thought i was talking to the mexican!" and then he said other stuff which i didn't understand, but LEEEEGGGIIIIITTTTT!!!! i got confused, ON THE FREAKIN PHONE, for a mexican=] Score. Because the phone slays me. Literally. 

Okay, here's my schpiel for the week. Youth. Not only one of my all-time fav Matisyahu jams, but the topic of concern this week. What the heck. Ale, Paola, Kitzia, Jonathan. All of them are having super doubts about getting baptized. And they're such good kids. I guess not kids as much as teens. They are so good! And Satan is freakin clouding their minds with confusion and making them second guess themselves. And here's why. If you want to destroy a nation, you go for their kids right? Old people-set in their ways. Babies-don't get me started. Parents- been there done that. Youth- they have their whole lives ahead of them. The decisions they make right now will literally determine the rest of their lives. And Satan wants them to make the same mistakes that their parents have made, he wants them to be unhappy, he wants them to be weak. Lame. Not in the Jesus Christ sense. I was thinking about how crucial the church was for me during my youthful years, and hallelujah I had such a strong support system found within our ward, because the world sucks, it brings you down makes you feel less than you are worth, and these kids new role models they need programs to help them realize that there is so much more for them. Literally, they have unlimited potential to become whatever they want to become. And it saddens me that our rama's Young Women and Men's programs are not super strong. Because there are some 12 years old who have been taught by previous missionaries who don't have the support of the ward or from their families and so they won't get baptized because if they do, they'll fall away. there's just no support for them. So if you could keep this loves in your minds, that would be appreciated, because they need to not get messed up in drugs, gambling, children, etc that will limit their opportunities right now in their young lives. Dad, I think about your childhood and it's literally a miracle you turned out normal (well debatable), no but that you may not have the life you've always pictured, but you've freakin got a great one, because you made good decisions, but not everyone is as wise as you, especially in their younger years. Mmm. Can you imagine what a hot mess I'd be right now if I hadn't had the support from our ward? A hot mess. Ooof. Anyhoo, that's my soapbox.

Love ya, keep it legit,

Hna Schwartz

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